Beyond the ®

You’ve got yourself a trademark.
Yay (Literally, you should do a happy dance right now. You’re already a step ahead of the game).

Now that you have that out of the…

Time to enforce the fact that it belongs to you and no one else.

“But isn’t my trademark… always mine?”

Yup. It sure is.

But we need to make sure no one else tries to sneak it away.

You know, pull it from under you and use it for their brand.

Because… it is that good.

You have an obligation to enforce and defend your trademark.

I’m talking about being right on top of anyone who decides your idea should be their idea. Making sure no one else is impeding on your message, your logo, your brand voice.

From Protection to Enforcement

Here’s what we already know:

We know you have a worthy program.

We know your business is in high demand.

We know that you’ve already registered a trademark for your product, your method, your logo, and your tagline.

We know you’re already treating yourself like a billion dollar business.

Let’s not make it easy for anyone to mess any of that up.

See, trademarking is your first step, but it isn’t your last.

And with new businesses popping up all over the country every day, it can be difficult to keep up with who is using what.

We’ve got you (and your trademark) covered.

Monitoring your trademark’s usage and shutting down anyone else trying to swipe it from you.

At True Lawyer, we believe that your business can be the billion dollar company you’ve always wanted.


See what’s include in the Trademark Clique.


Trademark Welcome Party Box

Welcome to the trademark party! We’ll send you all the goodies you need to celebrate your journey as a Billion Dollar CEO.

Monitoring Your Trademark

We monitor your mark everywhere across the United States from state databases to social media. We’ll make sure no copycats infringe on your rights.

Cease and Desist Templates

The proper way to tell off those copycats who think they can use your trademark. Includes Work for Hire Template & Change of Ownership Template.


One consultation per month to answer your pressing legal questions.

Invitation to Annual Members Retreat

Connect with other like minded business owners and gain the support of a community during retreat.

10% Off All Future Trademark Legal Services

Any trademark legal services you may need!
Only $249 per month
That little voice inside your head thinking, “I could use a bodyguard for my business?” It’s not wrong.

It’s just that the bodyguard doesn’t look like a 200lb bald man with bulging muscles.

It looks like legal services.

And monitoring services.

And Cease and Desist papers.

See, most business owners believe that the trademark itself is protection enough. They’re partially right. They do serve you the ability for protection.

But then the next step?
Is to take action when you need to.

That’s where we come in.
We don’t want you to be overwhelmed trying to forge your way through legalities when another business thinks your logo looks nice on their website.
(It looks better on yours anyway.)

And we don’t want you to be alone when it comes to handling a Cease and Desist order.
(We’ve got you covered.)

Let’s just say, you can think of us as your trademark’s bodyguard. No, we’re not 200lb men with muscles. But we’ve got your back anyway. With all the support you need.

Only $249 per month