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Trademark Package

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You filed off your trademark application. You got all giddy about being legit, knowing that one of a kind business name is going to be yours forever. You were even ready to hit “submit” in a shopping cart full of brand merch with your soon to be trademarked business name all over it.

And then the United States Patent and Trademark Office decides to put the breaks on it. Uh oh.

As experienced lawyers with extensive understanding in trademark law, we can take the confusion off your plate entirely. There are many reasons why a trademark might not be accepted right away and we can easily navigate those reasonings and help come up with a solution that fits you while we respond to the United States Patent and Trademark Office on your behalf.

Small Business Law Products & Services

Registered Agent Service – $299/year

(Illinois companies only)

1. When you use True Lawyer as your registered agent, you choose a licensed business law firm to serve as your registered agent.

2. All correspondences are considered confidential and may be protected by the attorney-client privilege.

3. You receive fast and easy communication from experienced lawyers

4. If you are received notice of a Lawsuit we are LAWYERS and can help you right away to solve your problem

5. True Lawyer will scan and email any legal notices sent to your company at the Registered Agent’s Address (up to 5 per month) *

6. True Lawyer attorneys give you peace of mind that non-lawyers cannot provide. After all, they aren’t lawyers, they are paper collectors.

Copyright Registration – Pricing Varies
Copyright allows you to protect your original creative content (i.e. pictures, bestselling books, educational courses, templates, etc.). 

Copyright protection attaches at the time the work is created. However, registering your work with the US Copyright office will enhance your legal protections and will provide you with legal remedies if someone infringes. 

True Lawyer helps to ensure you own it. You’ll own ALL of it through federal protection, with your mind at ease.  

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