Trademark DIY Course


Trademark DIY Course

*Please note this product is a DIY Trademark course. This is a non-legal course and will not create a client-attorney relationship. If you desire our firm to assist you with the filing of your Trademark please do not purchase this product. You must purchase the Essential or Billion Dollar Brand Trademark Package. * 

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  • 12 Lesson - DIY Trademark Course

Table of contents:

Lesson 1: The difference between Trademarks, Copyrights, and Patents.

Lesson 2: Important Trademark terms you should know.

Lesson 3: Can I Trademark my name? Is my name available?

Lesson 4: What can I Trademark?

Lesson 5: Intent to use application vs. already in use.

Lesson 6: Good/Services How to choose your class.

Lesson 7: Descriptions.

Lesson 8: Specimen.

Lesson 9: Will my Trademark register automatically?

Lesson 10: Filing an application.

Lesson 11: I received an office action. Now what?

Lesson 12: It's official. My Trademark has registered

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