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    How Successful Trademark Registration Work

    Comprehensive Trademark Search

    Once you complete our engagement form, we will conduct a comprehensive federal, state and common law trademark search. Our search of federal and state trademark databases is done utilizing software provided by Markify. This is an industry leading trademark search software used by the largest law firms in the world. Our search works to identify any potential issue with your desired trademark and ensure your mark is available to register.

    USPTO Trademark Registration

    Within 7-10 days of commencing work, we will return the trademark search results for your review. You can then set up a time to talk to one of our attorneys about the search results and any other questions you have about the trademark registration process.

    Monitor and Protect

    Our experienced trademark attorneys will prepare your trademark application for your review and approval. Having drafted and successfully registered many trademarks since 2017, our attorneys understand the intricacies of a US trademark application and will ensure your application is drafted to give you the best chance of approval possible. Our attorneys are committed to your mark registering and monitors your file throughout the USPTO trademark processing duration of 12 months+

    Making Big-firm quality trademark registration accessible to small and mid-size businesses.

    What’s Included:

    • ITEM 1: A comprehensive federal, state and common law trademark search to ensure no pre-existing trademark could cause the denial of your application. To conduct your trademark search, we use CORSEARCH software, an industry leading trademark search software..
    • ITEM 2: A complimentary second comprehensive trademark search if the first search finds a potential conflict for your trademark.
    • ITEM 3: An opinion letter, drafted by a trademark attorney, explaining the trademark search results.
    • ITEM 4: Telephone consultation with a trademark attorney regarding the search results and trademark application.
    • ITEM 5: Drafting and filing of your federal trademark application.
    • ITEM 6: Tracking of your trademark application once filed with the US Government.
    • ITEM 7: Responding to any non-substantive Office Actions on your behalf.
    • ITEM 8: Mailing your trademark registration certificate upon receipt from the US Government.

    *The flat legal fee of $2000 quoted on this page and throughout our web site applies to a trademark search and application for a trademark that is being filed in up to two classes of goods and/or services, and, meets the Lanham Act’s “use in commerce” requirement. To ensure this fee applies to your trademark please contact us for a quote.